30 Hour Famine? Please We Grew Up That Way

30 Hour Famine. It’s where you don’t eat or drink for 30 hours and raise money for missions work. White people are awesome. For them 30 hours of not eating is called “famine”. We went entire weeks and months without proper food when we were growing up. The youth stayed over at the church from 6pm to the next afternoon and most of them didn’t sleep much. That was a blast. I made a lot of connections with the youth but my days of staying up all night are pretty much done. I loved how most of the youth thought they were doing something amazing by not eating or drinking for 30 hours. I tried to explain to some of them that most of the world has no choice but to live like that and they couldn’t believe me. This is the future of Canada – a generation spoiled so rotten that they won’t even know about 3rd world life and culture.

I’ve been having trouble focusing on school, so I will have to pause classes for a while and get zero on my current classes. DOH!

Current missions work is going perfectly fine but I’m not able to start any new projects. This is okay because I have so many ongoing projects that I don’t feel completely bad about that. But you know me, I like doing more. Maybe that will be my downfall? Any way the reports coming back are good good good.

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