A Crazy Love

At 1 am there was an errand I promised to do, so I went to the drive through at Tim Hortons to get some milk and a dipped chocolate donut. That would be my final snack for today. At the drive through speaker:

Tim: Can I help you
Me: I’d like a large milk
Tim: We don’t have milk
Me: You don’t have milk?
Tim: Heheheheh just kidding

Then I see this guy…standing in the corner outside with the headset!

The girl came outside and took it from him and apologized :) It was pretty funny. So then the girl asked what I wanted.

Me: I’d like a large milk and dipped chocolate donut
Tim: We don’t have any dipped chocolate donuts, only glazed chocolate
Me: glazed is too sweet
Tim: Oh we do have dipped chocolate I spoke too soon
Me: Ok great

On the mainpage of scribble I noticed an interesting title and I went to the scribble. (Edit: A scribble is what these blogs used to be called back in 2001, scribble has now shut down).

A Crazy Love (Aug 29, 2000)
I have been spending so much time dreaming. I’m in love with the idea of love: falling asleep in his arms, having long conversations over cups of coffee, his fingers running through my hair. We’d talk about pretty things and I’d write poetry for him later. I want a crazy love. I want to feel the fire between us. I want to see his face when I close my eyes. I want to feel his skin against mine. I am setting myself up for failure, I think. (but it’s only a dream!)

Meredith, age 13

Wow, a 13 year old wrote that? The only poetry I can write is “roses are red and violets are blue.”

Its nice going through some of the scribbles of other people to see what they write.

I guess I’ve always had a pastors heart. That’s what people tell me. I like caring for people
and know what they are thinking and knowing that they are alright, and doing well.

It’s interesting how strength turns into weakness so fast.

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