Canada Shouldn’t Have Homeless People

So yesterday I drove to downtown early, hoping to visit some shelters but instead I walked around praying that we would have a successful night for God.

Mr. Chong isn’t doing very well, he doesn’t look good. Sad, sick and just looking like he has no hope. I wish there was more we could do. I am trying to hook him up with a home as best I can. Cubby was drunk, actually I had seen him much earlier in the evening coming out of the LCBO, but by this time he was really out of it. We got them all hot drinks from Tim Hortons.

Amy is leaving soon for her missions trip. We evangelized on the corner of Yonge and Dundas, I spoke to an old man who told me he was going to hell when he died, and I spoke to a young man who also told me he would go straight to hell when he died. It’s a big change from the masses who automatically feel everyone goes to heaven after they die. The old man really struck me though, you could see the sadness in his face. When I gave him a gospel flyer and told him that he could go to heaven, his friend asked for one as well.

Robert spent the whole time talking to a young lady who used to be a Muslim but now was more of a Hindu, talking about nirvana and how we could all be gods. I always like to remind our Hindu friends that they came to Canada because the Christian God makes better countries than the Hindu gods.

Around 10:20pm we walked back to our cars and left for home. It was a good night, and I pray the people we talked to that night would end up in heaven with us.

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