I worked during the day, got a good amount done. I got downtown early, heading out to do some errands, which I hate to do downtown because the city makes little sense. Canada Post’s website said the Canada post at Eaton Centre would be open until 9pm, but I got there at 735pm to learn that they closed at 730, so I had to go to money mart to make a money order, then a different place for an ATM, and then walked around the city looking for a Canada post – of course couldn’t find one and nobody I asked knew where there was one, not even a worker at the Closed Canada post location in Eaton Centre. Frustrating.

I walked back to the cars, we met our team (which seems to be getting smaller and smaller each week as it gets colder) and we started our mission. We chatted with Richard, our friend in the wheelchair. He lost his wife and daughter a few months ago, and then a few weeks after that lost his legs. We met Billy, a tall and slender young man who is always grateful for the supplies and food we give him. We promised him socks for next time. I’ve put it on my calendar so I won’t forget. Mr. Chong was nice and full, Cubby was drunk out of his mind and didn’t even notice us despite my calls to him. And that was it. It looks like we brought way too much food in-fact. That’s a first. We walked over to our evangelism spot to meet our Mennonite friends. It’s so delightful to have them there with us while we evangelize. It was a good night, we handed out probably 500 gospel flyers and we talked to some people about Jesus.

It’s Amy’s last Thursday with us until March of next year. How sad. I’ll see her once more for dinner on Sunday and then that’s it, she’ll fly out. First Manitoba then an orphanage in the Philippines. It’s nice to have your friends close by while you do ministry. On the way back home I stopped at Macdonalds, cheating on my diet. I regretted it afterwards because I’ve been eating so healthy and putting all that trash in my tummy made me feel awful. It’s like eating crap.

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