Everybody Here Is Involved With Drugs, Even The Dogs

First week in this new place. Not bad. Noisy guard dogs barking, loud children jumping upstairs. I said “thank you Jesus, better a noisy child than noisy crackheads”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in a drug heavy area. Security cameras on everyone’s house and everyone has a security dog. There is lots of crime and lots of drugs where I am. I keep reminding myself that it’s temporary and a step up from where I was. To clarify, I’m currently in the neighborhood that produces drugs for sale, and before I was in the neighborhood that purchases drugs for use. I guess one is better than the other for now. And yes I fully blame the fact that we kicked prayer and God out of the country for this. The fact that Canada has these kinds of issues is mind boggling.

I’ve just started watching this new tv show called “Dexter”. It’s so fantastic, I watched 17 hrs of it over the weekend which isn’t something I’ve ever done before. I’m sleeping on the floor and enjoying it. God bless.

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