Gorgeous Girls Make Everything Seem Better

So Tuesday morning my 20gb hard drive crashed, after 5 years of good service. The data loss will set me back a few months, so add that to the years behind I’m already set back. I was so frustrated trying to backup my data. I took the parts to a pawn shop a few km away and got $10 for the parts. I purchased a $170 used computer with a 40gb hard drive. I spent the rest of the day getting it all setup.

I could barely get out of bed yesterday, I was to depressed. Anyway I got out of bed, did a spot of work and then prepped to entertain many children for Halloween outreach. One thing I’m proud of, I’ve kept up all my church related responsibilities during this time, although I can’t take on anything new.

I was running late and since it was for kids, decided to treat myself to a taxi ride. I’ll deduct the money from my food budget. My taxi took a long time to arrive, and when he came, he knew he was in the drug production district. He wasn’t an idiot. He took a good look at me before he let me in the cab lol. He was the chattiest taxi driver ever. He had a British accent, was white and kept asking me questions about technology – I have no idea what to tell him. Finally at my destination he was writing down notes about what mp3 player he should buy and writing down things like “ebay” and “paypal”.

Anyway, I got to the house we were doing a halloween fun night for kids and it was way better than I expected. I handled the fishing game, but there was also a bouncing castle, other games, cotton candy, hot dogs and other treats. It was fantastic. We gave away 400 bags of candy and probably entertained over 1,000 adults and children combined.

The highlight of my night was finally getting a chance to introduce myself to Breanna, a super gorgeous girl I saw last year and have been waiting to talk to. Also I found out that I’ve been calling her Rachel for over a year. She wasn’t impressed. Her mom introduced herself and asked me what I do for a living, and I realized that they wouldn’t be handing over their daughter’s hand in marriage to me at this stage in life, being that I’m pretty much a homeless bum with 2 pairs of clothing and no prospects. Still though, gorgeous Christian girls can make things seem a lot better than they are. I felt like a million bucks just chatting with her.

After we were all done for the night, around 11pm I walked a long way to the bus station, waited for over an hour for the bus. When I realized there probably wasn’t a bus coming out this way I started the long walk home. I’ve been doing a lot of walking, my feet have been sore for weeks, they are covered in blisters and sometimes bleed.

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