I Guess Anything Is An Upgrade At This Point lol

The constant sirens, the constant cars and motorbikes honking horns and revving their engines, the crackheads yelling at all hours. The crackheads asking for all of my spare change WHICH I AM LIVING OFF OF lol, the crackheads just…being there, doing suspicious things. There was an ice fight in the hallway at like 3am again, people knock on my door offering $5 sexual services. One girl might have been 14 and on crystal meth. That’s what happens when we kick God out of the country.

At 10:30am I picked up the keys to my new temporary apartment. It’s a super tiny little studio apartment and it’s only for a few weeks. One of the staff here said she would miss me, I talked to her about Jesus every time I saw her. I can honestly say my room has been left in better condition than when I got here.

My new apartment was super filthy but beggars can’t be choosers. It was like 10,000,000 roaches were the previous tenant. I borrowed a vacuum and it picked up 2 full canisters of dust and 1 canister of mouse / rat droppings. I put on a new toilet seat because the current one was covered in poo when I got here.

Monday I woke up to work. I had caught the flu early Friday. Monday night it was pretty bad but I took 2 tylenol, showered and went to church. I haven’t shaved in a while so I look kind of unkept.

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