It could happen to you to, just kidding it could only happen to me

On Sunday November 5th Eggbert called to ask if I she could come with me to London, I was going to go there to have church and pickup Mason after. So I picked her up and we got lost in Oakville of all places. We talked the entire way there and I’m impressed that she’s so smart.

Anyway we got to church, and that’s when some comedy happened. Mason was sitting beside a girl he’s known for 2 years. Turns out, I met this same girl online, 2 months ago. I don’t know what ran through her mind when she saw me, maybe that I was stalking her? Either way, she wasn’t happy to see me. Mason introduced us (not knowing that we knew each other) but she pretended she didn’t know me. After service she told Eggbert that she knew me and was hoping I didn’t recognize her, Eggbert then told Mason, Mason then told me. We all laughed in the parking lot of the church and then got ourselves together, we decided to see how long we could go along with this bizarre girls plan.

It was also her birthday, so Mason, trying to hold back a smile, says “Asif will take us all to East Side Marios for your birthday! During dinner at East Sides this girl was talking to me as if she honestly didn’t know me nor did she know I knew she was pretending to not know me. Mason egged her on by asking her very obvious questions, “Tell Asif about this, tell asif about that” of which I already knew the answers to because she told me online. When she left to use the restroom the 3 of us almost died laughing. When we dropped her home, we laughed all the way home. Something like this would only happen to us. The whole night, she pretended she didn’t know me. And so I in turn pretend I didn’t know her.

Last Wednesday I met Mason, Amy, Margarita and Cassie at Denny’s after church. We chatted about heavy theological topics, and then we drove to Margarita’s house. Then we drove Cassie home. Then I drove Mason home while having a very deep and personal conversation with him about Christian life and persecution etc. He says he’s never been persecuted for his faith. And I told him that if that’s true, he’s going to become a weakling one day.

On Friday the 10th, a very bad day for me, I left at 430pm to get to the GED testing place downtown to re-write the writing portion of the exam which I failed. Mason took the train up to meet me there. He waited in the lobby while I took the test for about 1 hour. I wrote about yogurt because I couldn’t think of what to write about. Last time I wrote about giving my life to Jesus and I failed, I figured the health benefits of yogurt couldn’t be disagreed with by whoever would grade the paper. Mason and I ate sausages after, and then headed home. When in Oakville we had another heavy theological debate with Margarita on speakerphone and then watched the Borat movie which was hillarious.

Saturday and Sunday I basically vegged out on my sofa. I did some light chores and some light work. It’s very rare for me to have 2 days off in a row. It’s rare for me to have a day off at all. I wish that I had done better this year so I could be deeply immersed in the things of God instead of all these failing business projects. Is anything going to succeed this year? Nothing yet!

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