Multiplication Has To Start Somewhere

I got $10 for my broken computer a few days back and I used the money to ship out a router which I got $28 for. I used the $28 and loaded it on my prepaid credit card to buy some online advertising. The online advertising has generated $300 in business so far. I only need a few more million, lol. Seriously though I’ll use the $300 (minus bread and margarine) to earn some real money so I can get myself together. Also my short term lease here is just about over, I have to figure out where to go soon.

Margaret is getting married. She told me last night. She’ll come back from South Korea in December, live on the West coast for a while, then back to the East Coast to live with her bro for a few months, then in May 2008 she’ll be a wife. Congrats my friend!

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