My 14 cents

Mom picked me up, on time! Driving from Mississauga to Ottawa and then back. It made up for all of the many hundreds of other times I didn’t get a ride. The ride back to Toronto involved my mom and her friend yelling at me though, which was a bit annoying, to say the least. I’m living in Etobicoke for a few days, staying at my moms place. She lives with a roommate who is from Africa and who has a husband in Africa who she prays will one day make it to Canada.

I have about 14 pennies to my name at the moment, plus a leftover postage stamp, so I put the pennies in an envelope, and prayed over it, and went over to the mail box and sent this off to a local Christian missions organization that I really enjoy. I can’t do anything with the stamp or pennies anyway.

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