My New Car Is Held Together By Duct Tape And I Don’t Care

Yayyy. I have a car. Well, if you can call it that. Friday I went to south Mississauga and picked up the car, and when I got to the dealership a massive snowstorm started, making about 30 – 45cm of snow. Just my luck. The car is clearly a fixer upper. It’s being held together by duct tape and the former owner obviously didn’t take care of it as evidence of the banana peel under the seat. The car is 10+ years old and it shows. It’s not going to last forever but I’ll spend time cleaning up and fixing up as much of it as possible and use it as long as I have it because I am extremely and completely grateful for this blessing.

Saturday I woke up and did my chores, I missed the missions convention because the roads were awful with snow. Also my car wouldn’t start hahaha.

Sunday morning I woke up, we boosted my car, I went to walmart to do some errands, I came back home, did some chores, went to lunch where I got to meet my cousin Francesca, I didn’t get to talk to her cause my sis (who makes friends easily) talked the afternoon away with her and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, even though I was sitting at the same table. I might as well have been invisible.

After, we drove sis home to Waterloo and Dana and J met us at her apartment and I finally got to introduce everyone to each other. This is the thing, so many important people in my life haven’t met other important people in my life and I think it’s always going to be that way. Maybe it’s better that way. J told us about his adventures as a missionary in Indonesia. When I got home I made a money order for my storage payment which is overdue and dropped it off, then I went back to moms house to get food they were giving me, which I’m extremely grateful for during these hard times. When I got home my roommates were having a heated fight over toilet paper. Toilet paper that I purchased.

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