No African People At African Lion Safari

Ah – another relaxing weekend! Friday the 11th I cut out of work around 6pm to do some quick errands. Friday was definitely a stressful day for me because there are always a lot of errands. I relaxed and watched some TV, and had a shot of whisky. Right now I’m drinking almost a whisky a day, which I don’t approve of. I can’t believe I’m doing it and don’t know when it started.

On Saturday I took the family to African Lion Safari. I’ve never been there before, actually none of us have been here before.

We got to African Lion Safari and enjoyed some birds, lions, baboons, ostriches, rhino, bison and not to mention the gift shops and some extremely overpriced food. My sister got a neat fake tattoo on her lower back, and I’d like to take a moment to mention that if she ever got a real tattoo we would beat her. I made it clear to her that real tatoos are for white girls, brown girls must only get fake tatoos. And I then ate the worst snow cone I’ve ever had.

Sunday morning we went to Zets on Airport to eat some breakfast and catch up. Zets pretty much has the best food in that area, try their steak.

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