Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Penny wise and pound foolish. That’s how to describe people who pinch their pennies while they let million dollar opportunities fly by.

Last night when I showed up at the church I expected to see 75 people for homeless outreach. I saw 4 people. I was pissed. I was really pissed. It’s always the same people who do all the work. I go from church to church and pastors tell me that it’s the same handful who do all the work while the other 99% do nothing and complain.

I waited over an hour hoping and praying that more people would show up. Nobody showed else showed up.

We went downtown and met with hundreds of homeless people. We ran out of food and supplies quickly. There were a lot more families on the streets this time around as the economy has turned sour. One man didn’t even have shoes. Someone stole them them at the shelter. At least we had fresh socks to give him. One man didn’t have teeth and so he couldn’t eat much of the food we had for him, we’ll remember to bring softer things for next time.

Last time we were out some people requested peanut butter and jelly so we REMEMBERED that and brought it around for them this time. Thank you team!

These same people who never ever show up for volunteer work are always the ones crying out that God doesn’t answer their prayers, that they are always suffering, that they need a miracle from God. Gee I wonder why they never get their blessings. These are the same people who always remember that there is a dinner meeting after church. They always remember the free BBQ’s and the free pizza parties. They are never absent from free food nights, they never forget those. The bible says that these people will be cast into hell. That’s all I have to say in the matter.

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