Please Interpret This Dream!

Lastnight I had a dream that this guy came to town who had super powers, and he demolished buildings for a living and he could take down a house in just a few seconds and clean up the mess as well. Well anyway I was working in a grocery store and I asked the guy how he could do such things, but at the time he was giving his girlfriend a massage so he got angry that I disrupted them. So he forced me to eat a pig. This was all happening at 3525 Brandongate drive, the townhouses where I used to live. Definitely one of the most bizarre dreams I’ve ever had.

Yesterday I worked, and then headed out to church to pickup my pals for a night of homeless outreach and evangelism. James, Ryan and Rebecca came. Shayvon couldn’t make it but she brought lot’s of delicious foods for us to give out. We got downtown at 8:30 and fed the homeless. One man, named Mike asked us for prayer – but he said he couldn’t pray himself because he didn’t know any of the words. It was heartwarming and I could see the conern in his eyes. He works full time but it’s not easy getting an apartment, I know what that’s like.

We met some of our usuals including Cubby and Mr. Chong. I’m concerned about Mr. Chong because he doesn’t seem to have the wherewithal to actually get into housing. But I’m still hopeful.

Anyway, last night we met a large group that drives all the way from Kingston every week. It’s 6 hours round trip but God has called them to minister to people in Toronto and they’ve been helping the community a lot. A Christian group of course.

After we met up with the rest of the group Amie was there, and she was super hyper! At first I thought maybe something was wrong. We evangelized on Yonge and Dundas for a good while, it was very cold but after a while we didn’t notice. It’s very easy to talk to people – “where will you go after you die” I ask them. It’s a hard question for even the most aggressive athiest to ignore. Each person’s soul cries out evidence of Jesus Christ, regardless of what that person believes.

I got home around 12:45am. Ouch. But well worth it. I was scared that I wouldn’t make it through the night because I’m fighting off the flu. Today I have a moderate fever, nothing major.

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