Hmmm. I rode my sis’s bike home, and it started to pour (rain). I decided (after another few days of fasting) that it was time to eat. I got my umbrella and started walking in the pouring rain.

I didnt know what I should get, either Wendy’s or MCdonalds. I wanted Wendy’s but at the last minute I figured for some MCdonalds. When I got in there and was my turn to order, a man came into the store frantically and he didnt speak much english, but he was yelling and making the jesture as if he was talking on the phone, and said “911 911”. Then I understood, as his wife ran in (screaming) holding their baby, who, had stopped breathing some time ago and was foaming at the mouth. Now, as the Mcdonalds person was calling 911, I walked up to comfort the family including the older brother who was crying, and to touch and pray for the baby. I was nervous, everyone was so frantic, except some crazy people up at the counter ordering food who simply didn’t care what was going on. They just needed their food and to get out of there. Dying babies don’t matter to everyone. I tried to talk to the father but he just had no idea what I was saying and the mother was too frantic. Some more women came over and comforted the mother and we had her hold the baby boy in a flat possition. The baby started breathing. A translator (someone who spoke the language) came and started talking and basically, they were driving by and the baby (who had a fever today) just started crying, then his eyes started rolling all different ways and he stopped breathing.

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