Purple Bruises

I watched a scary movie the other night called Wolf Creek. I was sleeping and having a nightmare that zombies had taken over the world. During this my sister was actually poking me in the face with a spatula, and I woke up and thought she was a zombie trying to kill me. I screamed and I karate chopped her in the leg so hard she has a big purple bruise.

She was merely trying to ask me if I wanted pancakes for breakfast. Oops.

Garbage pile, blah blah

I like things very neat and clean. Organized, uncluttered. I like to think of myself as a progressive minimalist. Always striving to have the least amount of “things” as possible. There is one annoying part of my house. Its annoying but funny at the same time. A giant pile of garbage in my kitchen. Yuck. Friday is garbage day. So Thursday night I take out all the garbage. But by Monday there is a pile of garbage in the kitchen. The garbage can is filled with garbage and its piled up on the floor. Its not usually like this, it’s rarely ever like this. Only recently because of work and school. It’s gross because it’s a pile of garbage in my kitchen. Animals can live in there. There are boxes and bottles and packages and wrappers and just so many of them. I think “where does it all come from?

On a different note, I was invited to a business breakfast Saturday at 6am, and because I’m a moron, I went. I dressed up in a suit and drove to downtown Toronto from Malton to pay $12 for a cold breakfast covered in eggshells, string and hair. I then listened to what seemed to be a 2 hour speech about nothing and then drove home. I’ve learned my lesson and will NEVER do that again. I will never accept random business invites, and if you want to have breakfast with me – I have to be in charge of the time and place. 6am on a Saturday morning. Stupid stupid Mr. Asif Zamir.

On the plus side (sometimes there’s a plus side) I met a cool band and former Toronto Argonaut football player Bruce “Bearman” Smith. He has an amazing story about how God saved his life. That made the whole thing worth it but I’d still never do it again.

Something weird – my friend Katie, (nickname Katoo) claims that last night her alarm woke her up at midnight, so she woke up, prepped for her day including showering and breakfast, before checking the time! She went back to sleep, and the alarm rang around 3am, and she did the whole routine all over again.

One last thing – regarding business meetings, please, keep them short and to the point. No eating or drinking during business meetings. It’s a meeting, not a dinner party. Give everyone a specific amount of time to chat, and hold them to it. I’m tired of people chatting for 30 minutes about non essentials because they feel they are important and have something to say. There are exceptions, and I know I’m the youngest in the room and everyone is twice my age and I’m just starting out and blah blah blah but you people aren’t getting any younger, stop wasting so much time.

I’ll clean up that garbage pile now. – Asif Zamir