White People

This month I updated my will. My phone bill was $65 which was a pleasant surprise. Knowing my cell phone company the bill could be $2,000 even if the phone was turned off and not used the entire month haha. This month I hid $500 under a college students pillow. The hardest part was getting my friend distracted enough to do it.

In Guyana there are mostly brown people. Second are black people. White people are a minority in Guyana and all of them are rich. When I was in grade school the teacher asked us what we want to be when we grow up, and I thought to my self “I want to be white people.” because to my understanding at that time in life, white people had it pretty good compared to others. They had family dinners, heck they had families. The parents took care of the children, instead of the other way around. They always seemed to have more money and more privilege than anyone else. Life seemed to be more fair for whites.

Later on I would learn that we are all exactly the same. We might have different cultural themes and stereotypes, but we are exactly the same. Black, white, brown, everything, we are all the same. We have the same conception, the same birth, the same milestones, the same goals. The same needs, the same desires. Our deaths are the same and thanks to Jesus our eternities (can be) the same.