Thank You Nice Black Lady

I forgot to mention that about 2 weeks ago I was walking home from some evening prayers and a young black lady asked me if I could move her car for her. See the snow had piled up all around and there was a nice snow fall happening and she was parked in the last parking spot on the end, near the recycling bins. It’s difficult for anyone to back out and be able to exit from that specific spot when the weather is bad. I was glad to do it and glad she asked me, a complete stranger. She told me that several other people passed by her but she stood there waiting to ask someone she could trust.

A Couple Of Turkeys

Last week Thursday Mason walked to my house after work. Took him 2 hours. I told him to enjoy that kind of energy while it lasts.

Anyway I figured we should reward ourselves with a trip to the local art gallery. It was really neat, but some art is extremely overpriced. We looked at fine art, photography, clay, wood sculptures. My favorite was a massive 8ft x 5ft play dough sculpture. Mason accidentally slammed the door on some painters painting what I believe to be a half horse half human figure.

And Mason and I found the coolest arboretum to hang out in. We sat there for like 30 minutes or more just relaxing and chatting it up. It’s like our new hang out spot in Burlington. We talked about how life would be 20 years from now, with wives and children and our own giant arboretum (with big screen tv and snack kitchen).