Human Wheels by John Melloncamp

(singing “Human Wheels” by John Melloncamp). Yesterday was Freddy’s birthday, and we went to a church picnic in Mississauga. I brought 150 pages of school work with me but part way through my sis and I left to go pickup her drivers license from Square One, which was long overdue. This has always been my life, and it will probably always be this way. Invited to a picnic, I’ve got to study and drive someone somewhere. Invited to a dinner, I have to make it 1/2 work 1/2 pleasure. Going to the movies, taking 4 children with me also.

While walking along in Square One, I saw a nice young lady and I thought to take a closer look at her, and when I did; she was wearing these shorts that were so short, part of her butt cheeks were just hanging out the bottom! I always wonder how girls do that in such public places. I like girls butts just as much as the next guy but girls, please, cover up at the mall.