Goreway Drive Adventures

If you live in Malton, you will have adventures by simply walking the length of Goreway Drive. I don’t recommend that you do this at night though, you will be assaulted. Still safer than Darcel Ave at night, lol you’ll get shot at or stabbed and definitely robbed!

Back in I guess 1996 I went to this dinner party hangout thingy, I don’t know how I ended up there because I really don’t go to these kinds of things. As far as I remember, a girlfriend forced me to go. It was so beyond boring. While I was there I was introduced to someone in the same work field as me, and I said “oh it’s nice to meet a competitor and colleague.” I was a teen at the time, and he was a man in his late 20’s early 30’s. He laughed at me out loud and said something along the lines of “ha ha ha you think we are in the same league? I’m competing with X (list giant corporations here).” I was really embarrassed about this because everyone laughed at me when I was simply trying to be respectful to the man.

Several years later Steve and I were walking south on Goreway Drive to get Mcdonalds and I crossed paths with this same fellow. He saw me and looked to the ground and tried to keep walking, but I stopped him because I wanted a quick stop-n-chat. It had been several years now and I wanted to hear about his many great successes because I had several successes under my belt also.

Unfortunately not long after the 1996 incident, his company took a nose dive. Lost all their money, their office space was repossessed, everything gone. No big deal, I’ve been there. Most people have.

A few days later I received a notice that I could purchase out some of the assets which would help to alleviate this persons bankruptcy. But I declined, after all, we really weren’t in the same league.

Also on Goreway Drive there are men looking to have dates with other men, it’s really weird to be propositioned while simply walking down the sidewalk. If you go to like, Brandongate Drive there will be pimps selling out underage girls, and if you go to Morning Star pimps will be selling out older women (there are sometimes lineups of 10-20 ladies, they don’t even try to hide it) but on Goreway there will be older men who will say “hi want to go get some coffee? or “want to checkout my new car?”.

Now Goreway Drive has many of the major stores people go to, not just the mall but also gas station, convenience stores, fast food stores and misc. Have you ever gotten offered a job dealing drugs, or moving drugs just by walking down the street? I have, on Goreway drive. And many others have been offered as well. (of course I never accepted, and I’ve never been involved in the drug trade in any way). Now when you decline such a job, you have to do it with finesse, or you can get shot. It’s not unusual to see a tactical unit with shotguns drawn or one person pointing a firearm at someone else.

Just the other day Nathan and I were walking towards Etude Drive when we saw a man pointing a gun at a girl, we both ran towards them (because we are both insane) but before we had a chance the girl got into the mans car and they drove away. Typical Malton BS. It was white people to, so for those of you reading thinking that it was black people, not this time :)