Halloween Night 2006

Last night I went over to Mason’s house around 6:30pm. Traffic was hard. Well anyway, we handed out a lot of bags of candies to kids. Each bag had a little note about Jesus. Only one person (Katie) objected, saying that we shouldn’t’ hand out “Jesus stuff”. She also said she hoped we got beaten up because of it. Honestly, if I am to be beaten up, for the sake of the gospel it would be okay. The candy was delicious and all the kids enjoyed it, so what if there’s a note inside each pack that tells them that God loves them?

So after Mason and I handed out lots of treats to both children and youth, we went to the church to drop off the photo cd from the children’s carnival. Then we went and picked up Eggbert from university, then we dropped them home while having some of our legendary conversations. After I went home, and got home around 10pm with McDonald’s. I went to bed late though, about 1am.