Happy Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful about, I’m very fortunate and God has blessed my life.

I’m so old, dinosaurs used to do research on me

I’m getting older. Hopefully wiser. Definitely fatter. I’m losing more hairs each day, and gaining wrinkles. My elbow has saggy skin. Hair is growing out of my ears and nose. Life is moving fast. And I’ve made a resolution that it needs to slow down a bit. Just a bit. Just enough so I can breath. Just enough so I’m not eating breakfast and answering emails at the same time. So I don’t have to eat dinner while driving.

The days are getting shorter now that summer is over. The year so far has been complex. 2003 has been a hard to explain year.

With so much going on I can’t summarize or even explain in detail everything. A friend asked me ‘what’s up’ and when I told her, I realized I spoke for 60 minutes straight without stopping. Her response was “wow”.

I like hearing crickets chirping. It makes me think the work day is over. The kids want to play but I just want to lay on the floor and nap. I can’t though, because they all pile on top of me, laughing and laughing. One time they all sat on me while I was laying on the floor, and gabby (the fattest cat in Canada) sat on my face. I wish I had a pic of this.

I’ve been taking a lot of photographs lately. I invested in a camera store a few years back and I’m increasing my ownership. The owners are a bit goofy for my taste but I’m learning that this is what the industry is like. Digital cameras are the future. No more processing film. (Okay I still use a film camera to, but only because I have it.) The quality with digital isn’t as good just yet, but it will be one day. Anyway, I have like 2 baby photos, my parents have none, grandparents have none. My childhood photo album is small. We couldn’t afford all that and in Guyana we didn’t have running water, let alone a camera. In school they would take photos and send us home with whole pack of them, and you would have a choice of paying for them or returning them. I always ended up returning them. We simply couldn’t afford it. I’d like to revisit some of these memories one day and photos are good way.

I got my phone bill this month and it was like $600. Also I learned about calling cards – and I felt really stupid that I didn’t already know about them. I ate a double licks burger and still had room for desert after. I went bike riding almost everyday after work. I got new glasses. And contacts lenses.

It’s time for a new chapter.

I’m so busy I can’t keep up with anything anymore

I’m so busy I can’t keep up with life. Wake up, push food down my throat so I can get some nutrition, hurry off to work for 9, get off at 430, hurry to school, get off at 8, hurry over to church, get home by 10pm, and this 6 days a week.