Dreams Can Come True. So Can Nightmares

Last night I had a horrible nightmare. Wouldn’t you know it, today, in fact early in the morning, it came true. What are the odds? I won’t even write about what the nightmare was, I would actually hope to forget all about it.

Yesterday was good. I went downtown early and walked around Young and Dundas to pray. When I got back the team had arrived. Remember Amy? She’s that young, nice girl who faithfully comes out to each homeless outreach. She’s from Manitoba and is living with her sister while working here. She might go overseas for a few months on a dangerous mission trip. Well she walked to church, a trip that took her about 45 minutes and it left her feet in pain. Luckily I had my pair of emergency socks in the car, which she put over hers, and walked around downtown with only socks on, no shoes! It was both cute, daring and crazy since it is November. I was worried that she would step on something but she didn’t.

We prayed and then headed out, taking care of the needs of the homeless at Nathan Phillips Square. I forgot to mention that I talked to my cousin W for the first time in more than 20 years. She’s 24 now, married with 2 children. She still lives in Guyana so we we are talking online. The last time I was in Guyana we didn’t have electricity or running water, let alone internet. We frequently send barrels of clothing and cool stuff there for everyone. Once in a while a friend of a friend will ask for us to send back something very specific. One of my friends uncles asked us to send him “a few of those magazines with naked white girls.” I did not fulfil his request lol. I remember when W and I used to play together as children.