Extraordinary people have extraordinary lives. They get into extraordinary problems and have extraordinary victories.

Billions of Little Problems

One thing that bothers me – is the billions of little problems that come along during the day. They take up the whole day. For instance I’ve been staying at this motel for about 3 months and I can’t get internet for more than 5 minutes at a time, so I have to time exactly what I’ll do for those 5 minutes.

I need to send some faxes, but since I no longer own a fax machine, this has become a chore. Sending them isn’t tough, I just walk a few km’s to the store when I have enough pennies. Receiving them, that’s a whole other story. I actually sent out an important fax, walked home only to find out that it wasn’t received and had to walk all the way back. I’m using a prepaid cell phone because my regular phone was cut, and I don’t always have money to fund the phone, so I’m missing calls and lack the ability to return calls.