Progress Starts On The Inside

I’m not so far off as I thought. I mean, I’m not missing out on as much as I thought I was. My friends, whether married or single are all going through similar things in one way or another. Yes there is the seemingly blessed person who has it all and all together and not a problem in the world, but I’ve learned that that’s short lived and far from God.

Another thing I realized is this year is different from last. I have a little bit of money this year. I have a car, a home, I have nice prospects actually. In fact, my prospects are immeasurably better than last year. Work is going much better, normal and fairly stable.

Last year when Dave visited here from Nova Scotia, he wanted to go out for dinner and I was flat broke. This year we had a good dinner together.


Since last year few of my clients were able to pay and this year the economy is in a full downswing, I’ve been giving away some of my services for free and taking equity or commission instead. This way if my clients do well, I do well. If they don’t do well, I don’t do well.

Results? 1,800% more. That’s how much more money I’ve made so far this year than in the same time period in 2007. It’s almost unbelievable but I did up the numbers today and double checked them. To be fair, my income was almost zero this time last year hahaha, nobody was paying me. But hey 1,800% is 1,800% and I’ll take gains over losses any day.


Many of my clients surpass me, building more successful businesses than I’ve ever been able to build. I’m just the lowly consultant helping with business plans and emergency situations and everything in between. Years ago it was simple things, like choosing the right software to manage inventory or helping to find enough used industrial shelving for a new warehouse or reviewing a business plan before it gets submitted to the bank.

Today my clients call me if their children are acting a fool. I go to my clients house, and talk to their teens, to their spoiled young adult kids. Here’s a tip: if you allow your 16 year old to have the entire finished basement to himself, plus every toy any kid can dream of plus money so that he doesn’t have to work, that kid will be spoiled no matter what anyone says to him.

As I begin moving some kids into college this year, it’s surreal. It’s like a dream that I’m just going along with. Just a few years ago this group was just a bunch of punk kids and teens making me angry with everything they do. I’d be screaming at them to smarten up. I screamed at some of them till they cried. I went over to their house and screamed at their crackhead parents.

I even went over to their drug suppliers residences to threaten them. Have you ever threatened a drug dealer twice your size, who has a loaded gun on his coffee table in front of you? I have, more than once.

I’ve also been super nice by buying them stuff and taking them out to eat often. Smoothing things over when they get into big trouble. Seeing this group graduate high school and get into college or university is amazing. As I help them fill out student loan apps and pick useful classes, I wonder what my life would have been like if I had good role models to help me do much better, to reach my full potential. That’s the part I hate the most, everyone around me and especially me, knows that I haven’t reached my potential at all. My teachers in school were right about so much.

I’ve been lecturing everyone about college. Stay away from booze, stay away from drugs, stay away from people who party. Focus on school, get part time work. Some people are so grateful they nod at everything I say and others are noticeably irritated at my nagging.

In 2011 I’ll move another group into college and then that’s it, I’m retired. LOL. Okay maybe not. I’m just getting tired is all.