Satan loves the little children, in the wrong way

I’ve never had a laptop computer of my own. But I’m buying them for others and I like that. College kids do better with a laptop because they can carry them around. So far this year I’ve given away 3 computers to kids going to school. I wish I could afford new computers for everyone in my life who needed them but I’m not there yet. There’s always more need than there is money. It doesn’t matter how much money there is, there is always much more need.

I helped my sister move to college. The long drive made us tired and grumpy but the ultra massive campus energized us right back up. When she was small, and up to grade 6 I would drop her off at school and pick her up after. She’d bring her friends along after so I could walk them home to. I would always try to get her home as fast as possible because I had to work. She says that this one time, someone beat her and so I beat up the kids older brother, who was in my grade, but I don’t remember that.

She’ll be sharing her average sized dorm room with a good friend so that was comforting. Her window overlooks the sports field. Bathrooms are directly across the hall but they have to share with the entire floor of girls, which would drive me insane. I used the girls bathroom while I was there. While we were unloading her stuff, there was a boy outside wheeling a large keg across the campus, I’m going to assume it was filled with gingerale.

This summer I gave money towards a children’s church program, where they invite several hundred kids from the community to come and learn about God and stay out of trouble. It’s really needed during the summer because the parents (if there are any) are at work and many children are left home alone. This way they’ll be at church all day, 5 days a week and they really do love it. Some don’t want to leave after. Heck some actually don’t have anywhere to go after. I used to drive some of them to church and home from church and some as young as 10 years old would tell me to drop them off at some corner, and then I would watch them walk into the dark distance, no house in sight. Local authorities told me they can’t keep up with the need. It’s not unusual for a random parent I’ve never officially met to bring me their child and say “keep them for the day” and then walk away.

A few months before Mason moved in 2004, we were at one of those fancy grocery stores in Etobicoke that sells non food items also like clothing and BBQs. While walking down the clothing isle, we saw a rack of clothing – thong underwear for girls “aged 9-12” according to the sign. At first I figured it was a mistake but when I made a complaint to the manager, he said the items in question would be reviewed, and also that in all fairness, mothers were purchasing the items for their young daughters. I realized that Satan makes his biggest investment into children to corrupt them, and so we need to make a bigger investment into children, to save them. And apparently there are many thousands of stupid Canadian moms buying thongs for their 9 year old. I’ve counseled some that push their daughters into sex and drugs but yet restrict their church attendance. Some people think it’s normal for a 13 year old to be sexually active, to drink and party but they feel it’s not right to go to church!

Satan has convinced a percentage of society to follow him and that percentage grows bigger each year, each generation. It starts with the children and we need to instill in them a message of hope and salvation through Jesus. Jesus is the cure for this.