Just Hi?

I was at the gym today to add some muscles to my skinny frame…and a guy seemed to be sleeping on one of the machines :) It was kinda humerus but I needed to use the machine. Anyway after a while he did get up and go to another machine (shoulder press). He took the bench for the bench press to sit on.
I walked over to the bench to do bench presses .. but no bench of course. Where is the seat for the shoulder press machine? Hmmm…some married guy was hitting on a girl..and sitting on the shoulder machine chair he took. (I had been hearing him flirt with her) Anyway I went over and asked him for the seat so the other guy could take it and gimme back the bench :) And he left: ) hehe. Stop trying
to pickup women! Be happy with ur wife and treat her well…u wont need even need to look at another woman.

When I eat I do not like to wear fancy clothes. I like to wear sweatpants when I eat. I like to sit on the floor at a coffee table when I eat. When I come home, I change my clothes and wear ‘home clothes’. So if I have to go somewhere I have to change.

I just got back from the coffee store again (I’ve been frequently going there when I’m up so late) and once again;

me: Do u have any sandwiches
girl: no
me: Do you have any soup
girl: no
me: ok I’ll have a large milk
girl: anything else?
girl: starts laughing
me: starts laughing
I drove through. It was the same girl who works the late night shift.
She says ‘ohhhh im so tired’. I asked her what shift she works and she said the 11 pm-6am shift. OUCH. I’ve done that shift many times. She leaned over the window and said ‘I’m really tired and I want to go home, before i came here I got really high on “E”‘. (I figured “E” to mean the drug called extasy, even though I dont know anything about the drug). I said “oh, I dont know much about extasy but be careful ok?” She said “dont worry I know what I’m doing (typical response from someone who probably does not know what they are doing) I said “And, what are you doing?”

This week will be the last time I shave off my hair for a long while. I’ll let it grow again.

Interacting with someone is the best way to know them.
Interacting with God is the best way to know Him.