You Gotta Do What God Tells You To Do

I still don’t like using the microphone when I speak in public.

At church we watched an amazing 15 minute video from Rob Bell about the spirit of God and breathing and the name of God. I lead a short study after. After service I got to finally sit down and chat with Joe, Ashton, Erica and Brittany. Ashton, Brittany and Gerrald are all going to Australia for God in 2009. Meanwhile Caroline comes back next week from 12 months there. What is about Christian people leaving Canada? Please stay! We have a shortage of good Christians here.

It makes me happy that they are going to do that for God, I feel bad that people like Ashton feels she might stay there forever, or at least not come back to Canada and do missions forever. I guess as a young person I could have done the same. Sometimes I feel that I still can. I support a bunch of full time missionaries and part time missionaries and I’m always sad to see them leave Canada. But you’ve got to do what God wants you to do.

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