Asif Zamir

Asif ZamirAsif Zamir was born in Guyana, South America in 1979, and moved to Willowdale Ontario with his family in the early 80s. Asif lived in Malton, Ontario (a town in Mississauga) for most of his life, moving around within the small town every couple of years years.

Asif Zamir started working early in life – around age 6 to help support his family and earn money for school supplies and field trips (which he would frequently miss out on). Asif spent several years employed by established companies, and several years self-employed before he was 15 years old.

Around age of 15, Asif Zamir decided to start his own company — partially because he was feeling burnt out and limited working in factories, delivering flyers and doing construction, but mostly because he was dirt poor for the majority of his life, and wanted to take a chance at doing something more.

Business and consulting came very naturally to Asif Zamir. Many of his first clients were former bosses, and he has retained business relationships with many of them through tough times. Asif has worked on several wildly successful projects, and some spectacularly failed ones. Most of Asif’s business experience is focused on new, small businesses in the startup stage, but he is not taking on any new projects at this time.

In addition to working a business consultant, Asif Zamir is also an investor. Sometimes he works with a company that he thinks is going to make it big, and he invests hoping to turn a larger profit. This has both blessed Asif’s life, and cursed it at times. Asif Zamir has held stock and private equity in computer stores, camera stores, tech companies, software companies, and in several businesses that have gone public successfully, and several more that have gone out of business regrettably.

Every time Asif Zamir makes a financial profit, he sponsors mission trips abroad like the digging of fresh water wells in third world countries, and other related projects. An example of one of his more unusual endeavos, in the late 90s Asif participated in a mission project in Africa, buying slaves for the purpose of setting them free. The project ultimately failed because once the money was exchanged and the missionaries left, the former slave masters / war-criminals would re-capture the same people and make them slaves all over again, frustrating Asif, frustrating the missions team, and frustrating the slaves who had their hopes up. Nevertheless, several hundred former slaves were permanently set free and are thriving today. Asif Zamir will invest in almost anything that will improve someone’s quality of life, and connect them to Jesus. He mostly leans towards ballsy, high-risk projects.

Asif Zamir is currently participating in a beta-stage project which involves having churchwomen going to the streets, and paying prostitutes to attend church services so that they can connect with God, people, and social workers who will help them get out of the industry. The project has been mostly successful, but not without controversy. Asif Zamir has been shot at, stabbed, stoned with rocks, and threatened with death several times because of his various missions and outreach work.

Asif is a huge fan of Champion Boxer Mike Tyson, Pastor Rob Bell, and the TV shows “Walking Dead” and “Breaking Bad.” He currently lives and works in the Toronto area of Canada.