Lydia’s Lunch

Lydia’s lunch:
– cauliflower garden soup
– apple juice
– crackers
– lemon cranberry muffin

Why did she eat such a great lunch? Because I asked her to :) Otherwise she would have had some yucky sugar thing.

Mrs. Latezel

Had a 12:15 apointment. A friendly lunch, something I rarely do. When I left the house I decided to pickup a soft pinkish colored tulip, because I heard she liked those. I got onto the HWY only to find that there was a lot of trafic, more than I expected, but I got there maybe 2-4 minutes late. Finally, after over a year online, I meed a good friend. Yes, a friend, this isn’t a romantic thing, for all my friends and family who are reading this! How cool either way! I picked her up from her internship and we went to Williams which is a coffee house and restauarant. I explained to her I dont like eating in public, particularly in formal settings. (I usually sit on the floor in my living room so I can watch tv while I eat.) It was a really good time, and then we both had to get back to work.

I didnt do groceries so I drove over to Tim Hortons to get a snack (i’ve been doing this too often lately). The same nice dopesmoking girl is there and I ask:
“do u have any sanwiches” – no
“do u have any soups” – no
“what do u have?” – a couple donuts and a couple muffins
“Okay I’ll have a fruit punch and a boston cream donut”

Ok so I drove through and the girl told me that I shouldnt worry cause shes just as hungry as me. And she told me about how they are now paying the bakers by the hour so they take their time to bake, and it means they run low on stuff to sell. I told her “I would make my own sandwich if I wasnt so lazy” She says “yeah yeah you should have gone grocery shopping instead of looking at so many girls” laugh laugh laugh.