Beer store blues

My neighbor was having a garage sale and I purchased his bike for $30, it’s a 50’s styled bike being held by rust. I’ve been putting a lot of miles on it. While riding my bike home from the westwood mall around closing time, I rode past the beer store on the way home and my bike simply fell apart. I mean it literally just fell apart completely. The seat, the wheels, the handlebars. Everything, almost every part of it simply failed. I did an almost 360 flip on the pavement, leaving me dizzy on the ground.

Now, did the beautiful wonderful people trying to get into the Beer Store parking lot run to my rescue? Or did they honk their horns at me while yelling out nasty curses at me like “get out of the way you dirty (insert racist word here)!” Well you take a wild guess. To be fair to them, the store was about to close and I guess I would also be upset with someone blocking up traffic.

Anyway I walked the rest of the way home with my cuts and bruises and the only salvageable parts of the bike – the seat and the handlebar. When I got home I was welcomed with laughter upon laughter (about my appearance upon arrival) and it was nice because I laughed to. Think of yourself coming home holding only your steering wheel and seat belt but no car in site.

Any way I’ll go get another bike at Canadian Tire as soon as possible. It won’t be super duper soon, after all I have kids to feed! Seriously though just about 4 months ago I wasn’t doing terribly well financially but now I’m doing okay. I’m doing well in fact. I’ve been investing in some new businesses that I’m interested in, including a nifty camera and accessory shop, and a grocery delivery service. Of course I’m still consulting, which is how I bring in a major portion of my income. Everything’s really changing with the internet. I have high speed now instead of dialup, and I think most people will have high speed soon. It’s expensive but probably worth it. I chat and meet with people and watch tutorials on anything I’m interested in. I still go to the library very often but with the internet you can get bits of information quickly.

Now I have had a negative experience though – I posted an important piece of my work online FOR SALE and sold several hundred copies. 1 person however, from Russia I think purchased a copy and made a few modifications to his liking and is now reselling my work on his own without my permission. To shame me even further, I suspect he’s making more money selling my materials than I did, lol. I’m such a loser. There’s no way for me to stop this and this is going to be a big problem with the internet.

Also it seems like everyone is downloading music and even movies, and I don’t like that, especially after what happened to me.

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