I’m so much cooler than that Ferris Beuler. Just kidding. Except I havent had a real ‘day off in a long time. At least not one I could enjoy without thinking about my millions of responsibilities. Not yet. Yesterday I thought up of an idea.

My friends and family are complaining they have little access to me lately so I setup my webcam to broadcast live video (whenever its on). Well set it up, took a nap, woke up ordered a pizza, and with the pizza man there was a family waiting to see me. A mom, dad, 3 young daughters. So we were all sitting in my living room chatting and and the kids were having fun. Nearly 200 visitors were watching us on the webcam! Wow, webcams are going to be causing some real trouble in the future, I can understand how this can go totally wrong. But it has benefits to because imagine if I want to do a video chat with someone instead of driving all the way to go see them. THIS WILL BE AMAZING FOR WORK.

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