I like winter

I like winter, and Canada has a lot of winter. I would have no problem with moving way up north where there’s always snow and the days are short. November has been a month of settling down for me. No major dramas, no major situations. I wake up, drink tea, eat breakfast, spend time in my bible, then worship, then prayer. My real prayer time is at night though, after I finish my entire day. Work a good amount, mostly from home. No more travel. I’m sick and tired of it. I do a few hours of studying and then errands, and I like to watch tv. 7th Heaven is my favorite and I could only hope to be a great pastor like Pastor Camden from the show.

I purchased a fountain that looks like a beautiful vase with water flowing out of the top, down the side. I have it in the corner of the living room. I slept in the living room and I guess while I was sleeping my hand touched the fountain, and the water ran down my arm, past my head, down my back. I woke up soaked and the fountain was empty of water. At first I thought I wet myself. Because of my life, I would have completely understood if I did wet myself.

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