I’ll Laugh At This Later On

I’ve been frustrated with myself this whole year, but for the first time in my life I can honestly say I’m frustrated at God a little bit.

I’ve given everything to Him and His cause. I show up to church 2 hours early every time, I stay late to help clean up. I’m in church 5 times a week. Since 1997 I’ve been a champion for the Kingdom and I feel as if I’ve done my part over and over and over, and I’m now waiting on Him, and He’s really running late. This whole year has been one big pile of crap. And I’m keeping the faith and still believing God that He will keep His promises. On the bright side I’ve involved myself in so many great missions projects that I still have good news coming in from all over the world about hundreds of lives being saved and healed by God. But what about me?

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