I don’t have much to write. I’ve hit a sort of dry patch. The money from the consulting work I started in Jan dried out last month, and I have another project starting but it won’t yield a paycheck for like 6 months or more. One thing about consulting is that you don’t always get a regular paycheck. One dream of every business person is either 1.) a massive one time payout or 2.) a healthy recurring monthly income. I haven’t achieved any of those yet but I’ll keep trying.

In 2001 I hit a rough financial patch – part of it my own stupidity, part was helping too many people and part was the misdoings of a rotten investment bank that is currently facing a class action lawsuit from hundreds of Canadian investors. I was walking down Etude Drive and praying for “just $10” and a $10 bill fell out of the sky right in front of me.

Well a couple days ago I was remembering that during my prayer time, walking up Darcel Avenue I was praying “I should have asked for $20″ and right then a crisp $20 bill fell out of the sky, and landed directly onto my foot.

Mom has been yelling at me because over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve been giving away too much money, sacrificing my own stability. Other family and friends have become concerned about this also. I argued with her but actually she’s right. I won’t tell her she’s right, but she’s right. They’re all right. They did a surprise intervention about this and it was very uncomfortable for me.

I’ve been going to the gym several times a week and eating fairly healthy. My stomach is down to like 38”.

I really don’t have much to write. I had a nice thanksgiving at my place with 6 people, was so much fun. My desk of the past 6 years is actually a large dining table, this was the first time I used it for dining, and what better way than with friends. haha.

I don’t have much to write.

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