I was visiting with some old friends recently, people who don’t live far from me yet somehow time has gone by so fast that it has been years since we’ve seen each other. It was fun. Friends are getting older, fatter, having babies, buying houses, taking vacations. They ask me about my missions work and I ask them to set me up with nice girls. And they do! Just not the right nice girls for me. One time we were sitting in Wendy’s and they cornered me in and had me sitting beside a girl they wanted me to get to know. Lots and lots of great beautiful and smart girls, just not the right one for me. At least not yet.

Some of them are telling me that my wife-beating former associate has been talking crap about me still. Anytime he sees my circle of friends he tells them all kinds of stories. Any way we had a good laugh about it and they told me that they think he’s a complete loser, they listen to what he has to say then they laugh at him behind his back when he leaves. Actually he called me up on the phone a few weeks ago, I was surprised to hear from him. He was asking me to help him write a book on investing. I declined. I should have always been declining.

On another note, I’m kind of tired. Not like tired after a workout but tired of existence. I’d be perfectly happy if right now, right at this moment Jesus shows up and is like “it’s time to go home asif.”

So the consulting project I started late last year is complete and the last few months I started getting paid. I started by catching up with my bills which were desperately overdue and I’ve been enjoying the lower stress of having money coming in each week.

I’ve been bike riding on my own and I must say, after riding for several years with my friends, it really sucks to ride alone. I used to think that it was amazing because of the Trans Canada Trail, now I realize it was because of my cool friends. (who now live far away).

Any way, an old friend called today and asked me for a stock tip. He’s a good guy, a better man than me. I’ve been watching Apple Computers for a long time, and I’ve been watching Google since I was a teen. To a lesser extent Telus. I think all 3 of these would be good to buy and hold for 10 years or more, taking profit regularly. Apple because the CEO is a madman in a good way, Google because whoever controls search, controls the internet and Telus because…I don’t know, I think someone else gave me that tip. HAHA.

So I told my friend to do his research, set aside an amount of money he can afford to lose and then buy as much of apple as possible, buy as much of google as possible (it’s already an expensive stock unfortunately) and buy some Telus with the leftovers. Set a stop loss, say 50% (I know, big balls) and hold it for as long as you can stomach it. I also told him that I’m a nut job, and he shouldn’t just buy stocks based on what I’ve said, and that I could be wrong and that he might lose all his money if those stocks tank. That’s my standard disclaimer.

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