I was at the store today looking for a popsicle because I just had a good jog at the track. Well, instead I saw these candies call tamerinds and I remember that its a delicious candy so I got that instead. Now, I ate the whole box and my tummy hurts because of all the sugar. This indian family I know makes the most deliciuos curry which they pour over a really good rice. They got me a bag of the rice, and I wanted to make it just like them. I’ve managed to get the rice close, but the curry was more difficult. I basically put together a bunch of spices in water and tried to make curry, but I ended up with watery brown stuff. I still tried.

I was thinking of all the funny yet annoying things I will miss when I move.
– mice
– telemarketer calls
– Kids poking their heads at my tiny windows and yelling “afaf, afaf.”
– The landlords children banging on the side door yelling “asees, asees” all day long while their mom laughs and talks on the phone.
– And finally, and probably the MOST funniest, well u see I think there is a problem with the water pipes upstairs. Although these houses are pretty new. Well, when someone turns on the water upstairs, it makes a very huge and funny trumpet-like farting noise. This is very funny to me. But it happens when I’m on the phone, and I’ve had to explain it too many times. And I am used to it, so I sometimes dont notice it. But I’m sure whoever talks on the phone with me does.

What new things will I enjoy?
– A brand new, unlisted phone number.
– Sunlight splashing on my face in the morning. Sunlight. Mmmm.
– Not having to purchase new plants every 2 weeks because the old ones keep dying.
– Drinking tea on my balcony with my friends.
– A new floorplan
– All new furniture (yep, im leaving it all behind.
– Learn to swim
– Learn the guitar
– Take singing lessons
– Keep growing!
– Cool ministry

“kaboom!”. Maybe you’ve heard an orchestra that ends the peice with a giant roar. Thats Selah! Selah also means ”There!, what do you think of that!!?”.

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