A Few More Days Left In 2008

The past 10 days the weather has been nasty, harsh snow storms and bad schedules have put me behind on some of my errands. Not a lot mind you – but just enough to frustrate me. I need ink for my printer, however everywhere is out of stock, I need a 2009 desk calendar but Staples is always close when I am able to get there. Wal Mart had them yesterday but the line up was about 75 people long, and the cashier seemed to not even speak or understand English.

I need tires for my car, but every store is either out of stock, or I can’t get a hold of anyone on the phone so I can’t even find out. Last night I drove around for hours to different stores trying to find these items with no luck.

Singing In The Snow

So I’ve had the flu the last few days and I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with my chores. Tonight is Shan’s last night here, she’ll move out tomorrow morning, actually all her stuff is already moved. Another roommate moved out last week and a new roommate will move in the week after next so I’ll enjoy some peace and quiet while I can. There’s a nice little snow storm on right now, big fat snowflakes covering everything and I like walking around in the snow fall.