Following Jesus Is Dangerous

Friday. So as I mentioned I had a nightmare Thursday night which came through on Friday. It was a rough day. I rented “Get Smart” that evening to wind down. It was okay. I was supposed to go to church that night for a special event but I just didn’t have the energy. I went to bed pretty early actually. I’m at church several times a week so if I miss one service it’s not so bad.

Saturday I drove my visiting uncle and gramma around town, while waiting in the car for 30 minutes at a time I would make very important business phone calls. None of them turned out good though. It was one rough conversation after another as the economy continues to slide south. My uncle hasn’t been in Canada since 2002. He’s aged a lot. His hair is thin and grey. Still looks handsome, just much older. Of course I could say the same thing about myself. I haven’t spent any real time with him since 1996 when we built a shelf together in my garage, so it was nice to be able to spend time with him now, after 12 years.

Sunday I woke up and did chores and got ahead on some work. I watched my new favourite tv show which is TERMINATOR: THE SARA CONNER CHRONICLES. I went to church to, that’s a given.

Monday night, which was last night, I went to church. Actually when I was about to leave I saw my uncle one last time, he was leaving to go to the airport so I gave him a hug, told him God bless you and I love you. It was good of me to say, and I do hope he saw some of the love of Jesus while he was here. He’s a Muslim and me converting to Christianity in 1997 caused a massive rift in my family. The rift gets worst as more of us convert and follow Jesus. I’m known as Asif the trouble maker. There are plenty of hard feelings. When I got to Monday church I looked stressed, sad, teary and red-eyed. Many people noticed actually, which lead to a lot of questions.

During service we had a guest band. One of the members of the band gave a testimony about one of his band mates. A young man who has an awful stutter, who has about 20 step siblings because his parents continue to get divorced and re-married. It was very inspirational. I was also agitated that a few of our young adults though that his pain and suffering was funny and they laughed. I want to reiterate that young adults are the worthless garbage of every church.

After service my friend Shannelle, told me about how our mutual friend Johnny, who is in a wheelchair, who can’t talk, walk, and can barely move his arms is almost finished law school. It blew my mind and it helped me to get out of bed this morning.

Today it’s back to work as usual. Time to really get to that next level in life. I’ve been here too long and I’ve gotten used to all the wrong things.