First Journal Post – Y2K

Hi, I’m Asif Zamir, I hope that you enjoy some of my thoughts and adventures. This evening I wanted to have some delicious food in celebration that the Y2K problem didn’t effect me. I decided to open a can of minestrone soup which had a big dent in it. So I cooked it…and it stank! So I threw it out. Then I decided to open an old can of mushrooms. And I cooked it for about 30 minutes…and it stank! So I added green onions…and it stank! So I doused it with soya sauce…and it stank! So finally I decided to just have cereal. Honey Nut Cheerios always saves the day. And tea of course.

Also, please ignore my spelling mistakes. My spelling never has been good. When I was small my mother used to give me a list of words to memorize the spelling. She would then make me recite the words like at a spelling bee, and for each error, I would receive a whip. That’s the way things are done in Guyana. Interesting fact: in Guyana schools, the boys receive their whip on the bum, girls receive it on their hand. Hurts either way because they use a bamboo stick. It gave me a high pain tolerance, but it did not help my spelling much. :)

Tomorrow is Sunday and my routine is usually the same; wake up, church, home and then I do a lot of personal ministry. Then around evening, back to church. I run the Sunday evening children’s ministry and I have an average of 10 children these days, and started out with about 4, so I usually need to pile up a lot of energy before 630pm :)

I love them so much so I wouldn’t mind if there were a lot more. Then after church I come home and rest. I try to take at least an hour for myself each day. Sort of an “Asif Zamir time” It’s not always possible though!

To be completely clear, I had a journal when I was like 14, but I shredded it after I found out that my mom found it and read it. She doesn’t have a computer so she won’t be able to find this one :)

I have some studying to do before I go to sleep tonight. God bless, and remember, Jesus loves you!

Asif Zamir